Muny Sunk Stables, Inc is proud to offer a full range of services to our clients and their horses. We take an all-inclusive approach to provide the most relaxed experience possible at our facility.



For mares carrying to term through weaning.

Package Includes:

  • Dry Stall

  • Tailored Turnout

  • Grooming

  • Blanketing

  • Night Check



For weanlings up to three years of age.

Package Includes:

  • Dry Stall

  • Tailored Turnout

  • Grooming 

  • Blanketing

  • Night Check

For foals purchased through us and resident foals only.



Available to both resident and outside mares.

Package Includes:

  • 24/7 Surveillance

  • 12 x 24' Foaling Box

  • Basic Neonate Care 

  • Basic Post Parturition Care 

  • Initial Veterinary Exam




Available for both resident and outside mares.

  • Reproductive soundness examination

  • Reproductive ultrasound evaluation

  • Insemination with cooled or frozen semen 

  • Deep horn insemination 

  • Intra-uterine culture & cytology

  • Endometrial biopsy & interpretation

  • Frozen semen storage


Appalachian Equine, Inc and Muny Sunk Stables, Inc are proud to announce Appalachian Equine South, located at the facility of Muny Sunk Stables


This joint venture enables ship-in veterinary appointments for lameness exams, radiographs, ultrasounds, dentistry, pre-purchase exams, as well as other non-surgical medical procedures and general health care. Our facility also has stalls available to Appalachian Equine for any patients requiring overnight care.


With this partnership, Dr. Ann Stuart of Appalachian Equine and Muny Sunk Stables are trying to reduce costly veterinary expenses. By using our facility, if your horse requires a brief stay, we provide night watch and full care services for a small board fee. Emergency veterinary care is available on premises 24/7. We feel more equine needs can be met if there is less travel time for the vets, thus more time for you and your horse.


Please schedule appointments through our main office located in Weaverville at 828-658-8989. Currently we are offering Thursday scheduling at Appalachian South with room to expand based upon demand. Dentistries are scheduled only on Tuesdays.


  • 12 x 12 boxes with cameras

  • 12 x 24 foaling boxes with cameras

  • 80 x 120 outdoor arena (coming 2022)

  • 80 x 100 covered arena

  • Spacious, individually manicured fields

  • Electro-Braid and no climb perimeter fencing

  • Spacious run-in sheds

  • Multiple RV hook-ups

  • Reproductive laboratory

  • Matted holding stocks

  • Feed room, tack room, and powder room

  • Full capacity washer and dryer

  • Wash bay with hot & cold water

  • Matted grooming area

  • Coded security gate with 24 hr surveillance

  • Easy access for commercial horse vans