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Invest in Munny.

We take pride in our reputation and believe that the success of our horses in competition is the best reference of our dedication to breeding top-quality horses. Ready to invest in Munny?

Touche Munny, Toulon, Duna van Overis Z, Darco, Zandor Z

Touché Munny

Toulon - Darco

Competition Level: 1.00m

Sold to USA

Thunder Munny, Thunder van de Zuuthoeve, Elize van de Broekkant, Clinton, Darco

Thunder Munny

Thunder vd Zuuthoeve - Clinton

Competition Level: Young Hunters

Sold to USA

SVF Carlilse, Cuhrious Munny, Carrasca Z, Cuhr, Nuhr, Libero H, Frederiks, Stamm 108a, Heathrow, A la Minute Z, Wunschkind 19, J-Figyelem, Top Gun SR, Heathrow stallion, Heathrow hengst

SVf Carlisle

(Ex Cuhrious Munny)

Carrasca Z - Up To Date

Competition Level: 1.00m/Young Hunters

Sold to USA

Minted Munny, Thunder van de Zuuthoeve, Elize van de Broekkant, Clinton, Darco

Minted Munny

Thunder vd Zuuthoeve - Clinton

Competition Level: 1.30m

Sold to USA

Munchie Munny, Mais Oui Munny, Carambole, Indoctro, Voltaire, Zalesgirl

Mais Oui Munny

(ex Munchie Munny)

Carambole - Indoctro

Competition Level: Young Hunters

Sold to USA

Patient Munny, Canturo, Elize van de Broekkant, Clinton, Darco

Patient Munny

Canturo - Clinton

Competition Level: 1.30m

Sold to USA

Kabiena Munny, Quite Easy I, Indoctro, Voltaire, Zalesgirl

Kabiena Munny

Quite Easy I - Indoctro

Competition Level: 1.20m

Sold to USA

Cassini Boy, Cassini II, Habsburg

H Cassini Boy

Cassini II - Habsburg

Competition Level: Ch/Ad Hunters & Eq

Sold to USA

MS Malachai, Lamarque, She Can Dance

MS Malachai

Lamarque - First Prize

Competition Level: 1.15m/Training Eventing

Sold to USA

Shakira Do Jacare, MM Primo, Gran Harmonia

Shakira do Jacare

MM Primo xx - Grandioso

Competition Level: 1.50m

She Can Dance, Children's Jumper

She Can Dance

First Prize - Limited Edition xx

Competition Level: 1.25m

Bookmaker, Quidam de Revel, Don Carlos


Quidam de Revel - Don Carlos

Competition Level: 1.30m/Jr Hunter & Big Eq

Sold to USA

Van Damme, Libero H, Ramiro

Van Damme

Libero H - Ramiro Z

Competition Level: 1.40m

Arko, Concorde, Doruto


(ex Harko)

Concorde - Doruto

Competition Level: 1.50m

New Orleans, Fleuretta EMF, Fabuleux

New Orleans

(ex Fleuretta EMF)

Fabuleux - Don's Choice xx

Competition Level: Small Jr Hunter

Sold to USA

Carvalla Real, Diarado, Chesapeake

Carvalla Real

Diarado - Chesapeake

Competition Level: 1.30m

Sold to USA

Average Joe, Halleujah, Large Pony Hunter


(ex Average Joe)

Pendocks Larkspur - Freedom Rings xx

Competition Level: Large Pony Hunter

Sold to USA

Diva, Large Junior Hunter


Unknown Breeding

Competition Level: Large Jr Hunter

Sold to USA

Last Diplomat, eventing

Last Diplomat

Our Diplomat xx - Superhawk

Competition Level: CIC1*

Sold to USA

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