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Another Addition

Muny Sunk has a new addiction-I mean-addition making her way to Muny Sunk Stables and this one is nothing short of spectacular!

Meet Woklahoma W (Guidam x Ramiro Z x Farn) from the famous Zottie-stam.

Woklahoma shares her genes with many top producing mares and international jumping horses. Descending directly from Zottie herself, she is full sister of the licensed KWPN stallion, Amadeus, whom also competed at the highest level of sport under Tom Brinkman and Karim El Zoghby, now at 1.45m with Julian Kraay. She also is the full sister of top 6 year old stallion in UK and later 1.40m jumper with David McPherson, Unicum II W. Woklahoma's dam, Elottie W is considered a top producing mare with over 60% of her offspring jumping at 1.40m and higher or predicated via KWPN with prestatie, preferent, sport (spr), keur, and elite. Among those offspring include 1.40m jumpers, Igon W (v. Voltaire) and Celottie HS (v. Numero Uno), 1.45m jumpers, Von Dutch ex. Vespucci W (v. Corland) and Zadkine W (v. Calvados), and 1.60m jumpers, Jarno W (v. Voltaire), HBR Tennessee W (v. Concorde), Lazuli ex. Lottie W (v. Nimmerdor), and Amadeus (v. Guidam). Furthermore you will find producing mares, Soklahoma W, Oklahoma II W, and Ielottie W, the dams of 1.60m competitors Woklahoma, Vindicat W, and Richmond W, respectively. Diving into the giant performance family which is the Zottie-stam, you will also see horses like licensed stallions Irco Polo, First Verdi, Toronto V, and Arlando along with many 1.20-1.60m competitors, such as Wiesielottie and Springtime.

In 2012, Woklahoma W completed the IBOP test at Prima Equestrian and here is what the judges had to say: "Woklahoma W was very consistent in her jumping. She has very quick reflexes and is very careful, but was a little bit forward in her takeoff. She showed good athletic s