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Muny Sunk is Expanding!

Over the past 15 years of living in this charming slice of North Carolina (that everyone and their grandparents have also discovered recently... *sigh*), we have had a tremendous amount of growth within our little bubble of life. We moved here from south Florida after falling in love with the area during the weeks we spent at the Biltmore summer shows in 2001 and haven't looked back since. In those 15 years, a lot of things have changed for the better, some things have changed because there wasn't a choice, and some things have changed because of a lot of trial and error-emphasis on the error. For example, living in the mountains doesn't come without its downfalls. Between microbursts that dump record-breaking amount of of rain in only an hour and turning our small, trickling Mill Creek into a 10' deep x 50' wide raging river, flooding our barn, pastures, and arenas AND demolishing our bridge/driveway. Hellacious winter winds and currently a 16 week drought that has no end in sight for now are also just some of the few elements we agreed to live with when we signed on the WNC train. 12 years time, a lot of tears, hard work, and even more "muny sunk" just to make this farm efficiently functional against these elements, and yet we are no where close to finished.

Over the last few years, we have been acquiring some incredible horses with the best bloodlines our little program can possibly offer, but where can all these horses keep grazing and still have grass to eat? It was either move our entire operation which doesn't come without many, many stresses, or try to purchase adjacent land. After multiple attempts at reaching out, and a few years already in the making, we are all so, so thrilled to say we have found success! Our farm is officially welcoming an additional 13 acres of grazing land that will be ready for our growing herd no later than next fall. So, while projects already on the list will hit the back burner, we are very relieved to have this additional land to work with and create into something beautiful as we have already done with our farm now.

I will post more updates on our blog as the progress continues and for more exciting news to come in the near future!

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