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Flanders Foal Auction

Some exciting news for us concluding a fun and intense night at the quality sale of Flanders Foal Auction in Belgium. We walked away with 2 incredible fillies selected for the Auction a few months prior. Needless to say, we may be eating in for a while!

Quelle Dame van Schuttershof is an elegant filly by none other than Cornet Obolenksy out of Nistria van Schuttershof, whom is the half sister of Kashmir van Schuttershof and by the Olympic competitor, Dobel's Cento. Quelle Dame is also half-sister of Aragorn van Schuttershof, a 1,55m competitor and licensed stallion by Quintero Ask. From this direct mareline also comes WBFSH ranked horses such as Triomphe van Schuttershof, Sissi van Schuttershof, La Gioconda, Lariccello, Quattros, R-Gitana, R-Panama, Angel van't Hof and Luis 54. Others from this mareline include licensed stallions Check-In, Firth of Lorne, Stenograph, Sandokan, and First Gotthard. Quelle Dame was the top selling foal of Flanders and we are excited to bring her here to be developed in sport and for breeding.

You can watch a short clip of Quelle Dame here.

3 generation pedigree provided by Hippomundo.

The second filly we have purchased is Duna van Overis Z. She is one of the last foals to be born by the late Darco without ICSI or ET. Her dam, Zandorette B Z is by the Zeus son, Zandor Z and out of Corette B Z by Carthago Z. This filly is from an exceptional mareline that produces top athletes, with over 60 recorded horses competing at 1.40-1.60m, and 22 of those being WBFSH ranked horses. From the direct mareline you will find that the dam of Corette B Z comes the full sister of the highly regarded stallion Damiro. Corette herself is maternal sister of 1.60m competitors Presto B, and licensed Heartbreaker son & Pan-Am Games competitor, True Love B (FEI True Love Santa Monica). Furthermore, Corette is also maternal sister of Odylette B, dam of Michael Greeve's 1.60m star, Whitney BB. Other big names from this damline include Harrie Smolder's Jumpy des Fontaines, Billy Mexico, Elmero B, Ludo Philippaerts' Sam, and Kent Farrington's Ambler Gambler. Duna's first impression on us was of robust power with light gaits and a sharp personality. She too will be developed in sport and for future breeding.

You can watch a short clip of Duna here.

3 generation pedigree provided by Hippomundo.

The Flanders Foal Auction press release in English can be read here on their website.

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