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KWPN Keuring

August 2016 Blalock Lakes KWPN Keuring was a big success for the Muny Sunk crew. Our lovely mare Cuhr was upgraded from ster predicate to elite after passing the difficult PROK radiograph requirements (even at 9 years old no less!) and her IBOP spr test with a passing score of 77. The judges thought Cuhr was a very nice, modern type with long lines with elegant movement. They noted her willingness to work, good attitude, sharp reflexes in the take-off, and athletic scope. She could have been more open in the haunches in the landing, but after failing to mention she wasn't in fact a competition horse any longer (OOPS), and had only been in work for 2 months after a 4 year happy break as a broodmare, we couldn't be happier with how she performed!

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