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Catching Up in 2016

A lot of time has passed since the last time anything was posted here. Of course, a lot of things have happened in that time. And I mean A LOT!

In the winter of 2015, we made a special trade with AliBoo Farm (you can read more about it here) for our lovely Canturo - Clinton - Darco colt, Patient Munny, for their young mare, Nevada van het Kunselhof (Vigo d'Arsouilles - Darco - Contender). Essentially, Taylor Flury, rider for AliBoo, wanted a Canturo colt as a potential breeding stallion later down the road and it just happened that our "Roger" fit the bill. We were also looking for an up and coming mare to potentially breed in the future with good bloodlines and athleticism. So there you have it. AliBoo and Muny Sunk have dubbed this newly formed partnership as, "Breeders helping breeders".

We also acquired a superb KWPN mare late this winter named Cuhr. She is a ster PROK mare (hopefully soon to be upgraded to elite in a few days) that competed in the 5 year old jumpers under Andrew Ramsay of Shalanno Farms and was a top 10 finalist at the Magna Racino CSIYH1* in Austria. As a 3 year old, she had the Carambole son, Frederiks, who sold at the Sale of the Rising Stars for 125,000 euro and is now doing extremely well in the 6 year old jumpers for Bronislav Chuydoba and Sportstall Tina Pol. She has had 2 other foals by Gemini CL xx and Orlando van de Heffinck which surely will be seen in the future young jumper classes. Cuhr stems from the Holsteiner stamm 108a, and her dam and granddam both are extremely successful broodmares, producing 1.60m horses and daughters that have gone on to mother 1.60m competitors and licensed stallions like KWPN lic. Heathrow.

April 2016 was a joyous month for us as we prepared for the arrival of the first North American born I'm Special de Muze foal, and when the day came we were nothing short of gaga over him. He is very modern and correct, very light movement and a very good, sharp mind. It doesn't hurt to have a colt that has great manners as well!

Unfortunately, only 3 months after Q7 Munny, aka Franklin, was born, we tragically lost his dam to impaction colic. Obsession van't Ruytershof (Canaletto x Carthago x Renomee) was one of the barn favorites and was loved most dearly. This loss was a harsh impact on all of the Muny Sunk crew and most of all, her precious legacy she left behind. Franklin has found solace and companionship in our irreplaceable miniature, Ozzie, whom teaches him how to behave like a gentleman and how to take naps in the shade when the sun is too hot. We plan to keep Franklin intact until he is old enough to be reinspected and see where the journey leads us. Maybe in a few years, we will have the only I'm Special de Muze son standing on US soil, or maybe we will have a stellar gelding in competition.

Last, but not least, we have 3 mares in-foal this year (one of them was unplanned initially)! We would have had 4, but you can not save an embryo from the deceased...

  1. Thunder van de Zuuthoeve x Clinton x Darco

  2. Carambole x Indoctro x Voltaire

  3. Clarence x Fabuleux x Don's Choice

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