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Just as we are entering the never ending work that comes with summer, there is some exciting news to announce and not just for us!

We acquired a new mare from the esteemed Koteusi-stam. Her name is Upereusa (Quick Star-Concorde-Ramiro-Le Mexico) Quick Star really needs no introduction. He has beyond proven himself as a top competitor and producer. What is most impressive however is her direct mareline (not even mentioning the MANY sport horses and super producers from Koteusi). So breathlessly, here is how her pedigree stacks up. Uppie's dam Pereusa (elite, 1.30m) stems back to the phenomenal mare Brigitte (ster, pref, prest, 1.20m). She had 2 Burggraaf offspring who jumped 1.35/1.40m, including daughter, Heidi (keur, sport, pref). Brigitte also gave from Concorde the international jumper Re Mexico. Heidi produced Hors la Loi II daughter Zereusa S (elite, sport, 1.40m). Another Brigitte daughter and granddam of our Upereusa is Katinka (keur, pref, prest, 1.20m). Katinka had the Heartbreaker daughter Tereusa (sport, 1.50m). Tereusa's son, Edoctro (v. Indoctro) jumps 1.50m in Italy. But Katinka comes out yet: Zidam de Revel (v. Quidam de Revel) at 1.30m and Pereusa elite (v. Concorde) at 1.30m, Colord HS (v. Lord Z) at 1.35m, Goteus S (v. Ustinov), Umareusa S (v. Quick Star), and Voltaire S (v. Voltaire) who were all selected for the foal auctions of Limburg. There came also Derusa S elite (v. Numero Uno), Gereusa S elite (v. Ustinov), and others. Katinka's other Heartbreaker daughter, Sereuza (sport, elite, 1.40m) is the grandmother of Broken Heart (v. Concorde) and Corleone (v. Vincenzo) who were competitors at 1.40m. The full sister of Brigette, Ferusa, produced the international jumper New Mexico (v. Burggraaf), 1.45m jumper Amareusa S (v. Baloubet du Rouet), 1.35m jumper Pieter (v. Lord Z), and 1.35m jumper Arusa S (v. Berlin). The KWPN inspection topper, Etoulon VDL (v. Toulon-also from the Koteusi-stam), comes from Utareusa (v. Calvados). He scored as a 4 year old with good results in the stallion competition. Lastly, Utareusa also brought the 1.35m competitor Atureusa (v. Padinus).