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As the 2015-2016 breeding season begins, some updates are in order after all the changes that have occurred since 2014. She Can Dance was retired from breeding for good last year after multiple unsuccessful breeding attempts, later to find out the reason for this was cushings. 'Sammy' is now playing role of alpha mare and enjoys spending her time watching over all the horses on the farm. Especially her (and my) beloved mares. Shakira was also unsuccessful from her breeding attempts as she has been slowly developing COPD over the last 4 or 5 years so she was sold back to Brazil to live out the rest of her days allergy free. We also rescued 3 miniature horses to bring some joy to the farm after the recent disappointments. An entire new fence and run in shed later, they have happily made themselves at home here. In the competition ring, I started showing again after 3 years of dealing with shoulder injuries (which later had surgery for) on our wonderful hunter mare New Orleans. Fortunately for me, she did all the work to earn multiple champions, classic wins, etc in just a few short weeks. Our coming 5 year old Carvalla Real played in the puddle jumpers for the first time in the fall of 2014 and the way she performed, you'd never guess it was her first show ever. It was a very successful show season for us, even with the late start. But now, on to bigger news.

Last year, we acquired 2 more wonderful mares to add to our program.

Zalesgirl 'keur' (Indoctro-Voltaire-Joost-Rigoletto-Albatros)