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Starting Again

We've had a streak of bad luck these last few years and it has certainly taken a toll on not only us but the horses and MSS crew as well, but it looks like things may be turning around for us after all. In the past year, Shakira tragically lost a beautiful colt by Contendro I, which has been a lot for all of us to come back from - physically and mentally. Not only that for the 2013 breeding season, Offspring resorbed both embryos from the lovely stallion Christian, as well as an 100 day abortion from She Dance by Dakota VDL. When you put so much time and effort into these breedings and foals, you already have such a vested interest even before they are born, and when tragic things happen in succession, it takes the life out of you. Not to mention the mares! We were very fortunate that Shakira, most of all, walked away alive and healthy, for which we were extremely thankful in light of such terrible situations.

That being said, we are starting up with a new line-up of mares this year, and are looking for more exceptionally bred mares to increase our band after retiring the previous. This next year we will have foals by Canturo - Clinton - Darco and Quite Easy - Indoctro - Voltaire!

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