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A Successful BWP Keuring Hosted by Spy Coast Farm

It has been a long road to get us where we are, but let that not stop us on this incredible journey. To add to the list of things Shakira has accomplished in her career as show horse and broodmare, she was accepted into the BWP Main Mare Book as the second highest scoring mare in her class with a great score of 80 - which by breed standard is exceptional. Her scores along with her extensive track record rewarded her with Elite status on site. We were also ecstatic that her first foal, MS MsKinna, earned herself First Premium with a score of 75. Another pleasant surprise was our little mare, She Can Dance. She received the white rosette with a score of 76 to settle into fourth place, two spots behind Shakira. Her colt MS Malachai impressed the judges and spectators with his powerful, elastic trot which earned him a whopping 42 out of 50 points for movement alone with an overall score of 79. He too was awarded First Premium status. Overall, a very exciting and successful day for Muny Sunk!